Fashion Bangles & Bracelets

Fashion bangles are a fantastic accessory that's really trending right now. Our bangles and bracelets at Olympia Gold put a classic spin on the trendy bangle to create an accessory that's fashionable but won't go out of style. Our bangles pair perfectly with our PermaGold bracelets.

Fashion Bangles

Are your customers looking for fashion bangles?  Well, we have ‘em.  Check out the BL52 gold etched bangles.  They come in sets of three bangles (or should I say arm candy).  Each bangle is a different width.  And the BT15 silver bangles come in sets of six bangles (two matte, two with white enamel and two fashion bangles).  Our fashion bangles are not closeouts.  We just grouped them on this page.  Check these out on our website ( 

Now let’s talk about bargains.  We have them too.  Fashion Bangles and Bargains.  See the FL302 – 2mm PermaGold Dangling Moons 7-1/2” chain that they have drastically reduced.  You won’t find a less expensive PermaGold bracelet on this website outside of a grab bag item.  Get ‘em while they last!  Call Skip at 954-974-0727 and order today!

The NG58 – 3mm PermaGold Twisted Nugget is available in two sizes – 7 and 8 inches - at bargain basement prices!  The twisted nugget chains are a mainstay of our collection and very popular with our customers.  I guess the powers that be thought that the NG56 and NG57 would cover their customers’ needs.  I don’t know.  Our loss is your gain.  At these prices your customers can afford to wear gobs of arm candy!

Then we have the PermaSilver sale items.  The first one being PSFL9411 – 5.5mm PermaSilver Maritime 8” chain.  Again, the maritime chains never go out of style.  They’re a timeless classic – like a cashmere sweater.  They’ve got to be losing money on this one.  How low can you go? Take advantage of this generous offer today.  Call us at 800-395-7774 while they last.

The next one is the PSPFL943 – 6.5mm PermaSilver Figaro.  It is available in two sizes – 7 and 18 inches.  This is a very popular style.  I don’t understand this.  It has to be a mistake! Call us at 954-974-0727, fax us at 954-974-7972, or send an e-mail to

Lastly we have the PSPNG58 – 3mm PermaSilver Twisted Nugget 8” chain.  They discontinued this style just like they did with the PermaGold version.  I guess they’re going to stick with the PSNG56 and the PSNG57 and blow out their inventory of the PSNG58. These bracelets should be in the grab bags as the prices are even lower than a grab bag bracelet!  Did you get that?  Lower!  This can’t be right.  What are they thinking?  They can’t give their inventory away just to make room for new styles.  This is crazy folks.  I’m going to put a stop to this if at all possible.  If not, this is the one to buy!

You can check out all of our beautiful PermaGold and PermaSilver closeouts by going to our website If you have questions, please e-mail us ( Or call us at 800-395-7774.  We’re all waiting for your call about our Fashion Bangles

If you’re looking for more great deals that you can pass on to your customers, Olympia Gold has closeout sales at bargain prices on grab bag items.  The Men’s Bracelet Grab Bag contains 10 assorted men’s PermaGold, PermaSilver and PermaBlack bracelets in standard sizes.  One look and you’ll realize this was a good choice.  Okay you don’t get to choose the styles, but they are obviously worth so much more than you paid for them.  Remember - These items do not come with guarantees.  And we have limited quantities available.

The Ladies’ Bracelet Grab Bag contains 25 assorted PermaGold, PermaSilver and PermaBlack bracelet styles in standard sizes.  These bracelets and fashion bangles are also a real steal as they are listed at half the price of a men’s grab bag bracelet and they’re only an inch or two shorter.  The styles vary and might include euro, maritime, herringbone and beaded chains.  It just depends on what chains are being discontinued to make room for new styles that month.  These are not seconds and are not inferior in any way except that they do not come with the Lifetime Guarantee.  You can easily sell these for six times what you paid for them.  Promise.

The Necklace Grab Bag contains five pieces of PermaGold and PermaSilver necklaces in standard sizes.  While not as inexpensive as the items above, these are still bargain priced.  They are a beautiful collection.  You can see the quality. There are no warranties with closeout items.

The 30-Charm Grab Bag is self explanatory containing an assortment of PermaGold charms for an unbelievably low price.   Check these out on our website (  Then call Skip at 954-974-0727 or at 800-395-7774 and order today.

Please note that none of the items listed here are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.  Also, we have limited quantities available of our fashion bangles.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.  Never to return.

Again, so many choices; so little time. Call Skip at 954-974-0727 and ask him about our closeouts.  He has over 26 years of experience in the jewelry business and has a wealth of information. You should call him just to pick his brain.  While you’re at it, ask him “What were you thinking when you slashed these prices?”  Things that make you go, “Hmm.”

Don’t tell him I told you this, but he’s a neat freak.  Still there’s no reason to be throwing these beautiful baubles away or should I say giving them away.  At these prices I can’t really call it a sale.  Okay.  I’m having a panic attack here.  I need to stop before I say something worse.

Your customers will love the beautiful styles and offers that are available for our fashion bangles and bracelets. We keep up with the newest design trends, and the fashion bangles we offer are absolutely stunning. Wow and dazzle your customers with these gorgeous, shimmering designs and make sales you would have thought impossible were it not for the impeccable quality and beauty that the designs at Olympia Gold offer.

We offer both wide band, narrow band, and assorted grab bag bracelets and bangles, so don’t hesitate to order from us today. We can provide you with any quantity of order you wish, so you can rest easy and let us get you the exact stock you need. As leaders in the fashion and costume jewelry industry, you know you are buying with confidence when you order from Olympia Gold. We’ve been in the industry a long time, because our jewelry is gorgeous, affordable, and built to last.

As you can see in the above images, many of our fashion bangles and bracelets feature intricate designs that provide a unique look to our jewelry that just is not available with our competitors. On top of this, you’re getting the Olympia Gold lifetime guarantee which provides a level of security and peace of mind that you just don’t see with other fashion jewelry retailers. We’re proud of the jewelry we offer, and we know you and your customers will love it. Thank you for visiting us at Olympia Gold, and taking a look at our Fashion Bangles