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June 2009
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Dear Terry,
Summer has come to the front line and the heat is on. I can't forget my friends in the southern hemisphere where the chill is in the air. The change has come for all of us.

No matter what part of the world you're at we're all still feeling the crunch of this economy. A positive mind set with action is what gets me through these times. I understand that everybody has different situations and goals for their business.  

In this newsletter I have included a few links to articles I have found helpful. I hope that they are of help to you too!
Choices for accessories are personal
2008dfEverybody knows that the choice of accessories is a very personal affair. It's very important that you feel comfortable with what you wear. Think of this when choosing fashion jewelry to sell to your potential customers. Carrying a variety from small chain styles to bling is important when trying to attract customers with different interest in costume jewelry other than yours to your booth or ebay site. While visiting We have recently added a link section to our site at the bottom. That page should provide options for your convenience as well as our affiliates link page.
What's hot in 2009 Fashion Jewlery
istock chain altered
We've all seen gold prices sky rocket over the past few years which has made costume jewelry more desirable for many consumers. If you were to purchase a 22 karat tennis bracelet today it would cost you $1000.00 USD. These types of bracelets are usually purchased in sets.

While most consumers are cutting back spending on expensive luxury items, costume jewelry is an important option. And while jewelry is certainly not a necessity, it is without a doubt a MUST have that consumers want to buy. Whether it's a small set of earrings or a new gold plated necklace, our chain by the inch is a great deal for you and the consumer. They still get to make a purchase of beautiful gold or silver jewelry and you get to make a sale.

An added benefit about jewelry by the inch is the fact that you can grow your client base and potential market. Think about it, summer or not plus size consumers will have more options open to them. They are too often left out of most department store's premade jewelry sections. This is where you can be of great help to potential customers. Here is a market that has a lot of potential growth.

As a final note, don't forget to visit the
Crystal chain by the inch on our website. Junes 2009 trends suggest that pearls are a hot look this year. While Pearl Junes Birthstone is becoming a popular look this summer. Just another idea for boosting summer sales. We wish you happy a summer season and keep looking forward to working with you.
We believe jewelry doesn't have to always be expensive to be in style. Olympia Gold providing a high end look at a low end price.
Terry Gibson
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