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Our collection of Katie Ko Stones effortlessly combines classic and timeless with bold and unique. This perfect combination gives you a piece of jewelry that is simple, while still making a statement.

Wholesale Costume JewelryWholesale Costume JewelryWholesale Costume Jewelry

On this page we have our Katie Ko Designs.  Where do I begin?  Theyíre all so fantastic.  This is my favorite category on this site so I might sound a little partial or a little proud. And that is how youíll feel when you add some of these beauties to your lineup.  These items are one of a kind.  Okay, not quite one of a kind, but custom made just for you.  And you wonít find better quality at these prices for wholesale costume jewelry. Call 800-395-7774 and order today

First we have the classy 30Ē NPM72 which has four shiny circles and then two inch triple strands of PermaGold FL73.  And so it goes around the 30 inches.  This piece can also alternate as arm candy when you go round and round and round your wrist (or your customerís wrist).

Then we have a to-die-for 24Ē PermaGold snake chain slide with two PermaGold double heart charms (NPM18).  Definitely not one of a kind. Way too popular to be one of a kind. Or how about a romantic 18Ē PermaGold lariat necklace with toggle closure and two PermaGold CZ hearts (NPM47)?  If you want to save a couple of bucks, we could make it for you using two diamond-cut open heart charms (CC116) instead of the CZ hearts.

You can check out all of our beautiful Katie Ko chain creations by going to our website www.olympiagold.com. If you have questions about our wholesale costume jewelry or anything else, please e-mail us (info@olympiagold.com). Or call us at 800-395-7774.

Make a grand entrance with the pink CZ heart locket on a PermaGold rolo chain with a toggle clasp (NPM43), which is also available with green, blue, red and clear CZ heart lockets in 8, 18 and 20 inch lengths.  Very popular and romantic.  So many choices.  So little time.  Also very popular, the 7mm PermaGold open link chain bracelet with toggle clasp and two 9mm stones (BPM33).  Save money by having it made with only one stone.  Same effect,  right?

On the bottom right of this page we have the PermaSilver version of the NPM43, which is NPM45. It is shown here with the stunning clear CZ heart, but is also available with the feminine pink CZ locket.  Both lockets go so well with the PermaSilver chain.  This style comes in 8, 18 and 20 inch lengths.  Again, so many choices. Call Skip at 954-974-0727 and ask him about these designs and whether he thinks they would be a good fit for your retail setting or how to display them, etc.  Heís just chock full of great creative ideas.  He has over 26 years of experience in the jewelry business to bring to the table, and you will love his wholesale costume jewelry.

On the previous page we have the bold 18Ē PermaGold brushed ring ďYĒ necklace (NPM5) or the girly 18Ē NPM20, which has six gold plated hearts with six assorted pastel colored crystals. Another very, very popular style.  It has the lowest price of anything youíve seen so far.  And you could make that even lower by just putting two hearts with two pastel crystals in the front. You donít really need to duplicate that on both sides, right?  Letís be frugal.  Less is more. You could use pink crystals for Valentineís Day or choose colors to match a particular outfit.  Open your mind to the possibilities.

Another fan favorite of this wholesale costume jewelry collection is the NPM26, a 30Ē PermaGold necklace with assorted light colored crystals. Again, we could cut the price on this by cutting the number of crystals.  Your choice.  Also, we could do a variation with the dark crystals for fall.

Help her to express her inner princess with the 7-1/2Ē PermaGold crystal bracelet.  This piece has two strands of crystals.  BPM47 is made with dark crystals, and BPM48 is made with light crystals.  My pretty!  I would buy both and switch off with what Iím wearing.

Or maybe an NPM9 (not shown here) with its designer style continuous rings in any length. The prices are shown on the website for four different lengths, but we can make it to your specifications.

We also have lots of designs that have not made it onto the website (only because we havenít sent them to the photography studio yet).  Itís hard to keep up to date with all these design styles formulating in our mindís eye.  We can make them faster than the photographer can snap his camera.

Call us and tell us what youíre looking for.  If we canít make it for you, we can put you onto people who can. Or maybe you want to make it yourself.  Call us for the recipe (954-974-0727).  Or demonstrate your own creativity and make your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece!  Get those artsy fartsy juices going.

You might not want to be bothered with this arm of the business, but your customers will. Itís so nice to wear something that you know no one else is going to be wearing.  Even though itís not one-of-a-kind, itís not mass produced either.  Itís custom jewelry.  That special piece for that special person.  If you can get your customer to give you a drawing or a description of what sheís looking for, we can make it up for her.  Who does that?

One of our customers has us make variations to many of our designs and even designs some of her very own creations.  Call us at 954-974-0727 if you might be interested in us doing that for you or if you are interested in our Wholesale Costume Jewelry and if you need a beautiful Jewelry Countertop Display to display your beautiful jewelry on, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Whether you are new to the jewelry store game, or are a long time veteran, you can surely appreciate these beautiful designs by Katie Ko. These beautiful chains and designs are something that your customers will love and cherish beyond compare. Order today and youíll receive these beautiful designs so you can start selling to your customers as soon as possible.

One of the most important things when buying a piece of Jewelry is the quality and how long the piece will last. This is why we have a lifetime guarantee on our jewelry so that you know you are getting the best quality, and the piece of mind that comes with a guarantee so that they know they are getting the best quality, and that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, theyíre covered by our guarantee.

If you are interested in ordering any of these beautiful designs, or some of our other costume wholesale jewelry then you simply need to give us a phone call with our phone number at the top of the page. Additionally, if you are already registered on our store you can purchase directly from there, or you can contact us via our contact page which contains our email, and a contact form so that you can get in touch with our friendly staff and we can answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you, so give us a call today!