Gold Necklace Charms & PermaGold Charms 

We offer a wonderful selection of PermaGold charms that cater to all hobbies and interests. Some of our favorite styles include religious symbols, anchors, hearts and animals.

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If you’re looking for fresh ideas and more sales, Olympia Gold has pages and pages of unique PermaGold charms on its website (  We have beautiful PermaGold butterflies, majestic eagles, and adorable elephants, oh my!  We have religious charms like the Star of David, the hammer, the dove (signifying the Holy Spirit), and crosses and crucifixes galore.  We even have a PermaGold sideways cross!

We also have a cute koala bear, a soaring bird in flight, a camel, a whale tail (and, no, I’m not talking about a young lady’s underwear), several sizes of sand dollars, an anchor, a palm tree, two dolphins encircled in an oval frame, a starfish, a fish, a sea horse, the cutest little crab charm you ever saw, and several turtles to adorn your gold necklaces charms or bracelets.  With so many choices, we have something for everyone.  One of these PermaGold charms will surely grab your customer’s attention.  Call Skip at 954-974-0727 or at 800-395-7774 and order today.

If your store is in a seaside location, you would want to look at our nautical charms and chains.  We carry more fish, shell, sailboat, anchor, crab, turtle, sand dollar charms than anything else.  Okay, maybe we have more hearts and crosses, but the next category would be nautical.  We also carry chains by the inch that already have nautical charms attached. Check those out in the PermaGold chains pages starting on page one.

Please note that our popular PermaGold heart lockets with CZs come in five colors (pink, green, blue, red and clear).  (Not shown - we also have a new item - our even more popular PermaGold T-Bar heart lockets in three colors.)  What’s in it for you?  You can use these attractive colors to enhance your display, to add visual interest and therefore attract customers to buy.  And, when they buy one of your lovely PermaGold necklace charms, they’ll need a chain to put it on, right?  So now you’ve sold a charm and a necklace.

We have a PermaGold heart with CZs down one side and another with CZs all around plus cupid’s arrow through it.  Hearts for everyone!  We have CZs in various shapes – hearts, diamond shaped, oblong, emerald cut, three in a row, etc.  to please even the pickiest of princesses who shop at your store.

We have a very popular CZ encrusted PermaGold key pendant.  (Get it?  The key to your heart?) And a  PermaGold cross charm with CZs.  Okay.  Enough with the hearts and CZs.

Call Sales at 954-974-0727 and ask about our beautiful spinning counter top gold necklace charms display.  The DP180 holds 90 charms, and the DP360 holds 180 charms.  You can do PermaSilver or PermaGold on the DP180, or you could do half and half on the DP360 with PermaSilver on one side and PermaGold on the other.  It’s up to you.

When you order, be sure to let us know if you want your charms on hangtags or in individual plastic bags.

We have a bullet that actually opens, military charms, number charms (0 – 9), a very popular arrowhead, and the hope/faith/love pendant.  Then we have the word charms like “sexy,” “special someone,” and all the number ones (#1 Grandma, #1 Lady, #1 Friend, #1 Dad, #1 Mom and #1 Sis).  (I wonder if your #2 sis is going to get jealous.)

You can check out all of our beautiful gold necklace charms by going to our website If you have questions, please e-mail us ( Or call us at 800-395-7774.

We carry gold necklace charms for men like the very popular Italian horn charm, the stately buck or deer head charm, the whale tail (just kidding), the arrowhead, a bass fish charm, a sailboat, military charms, and sports charms like a basketball or a basketball player or a football player, a skier, a boxing glove, etc.

There are various hearts and cutout hearts, heart lockets in six styles, a big mouse (no, not Mickey), eagles, frogs, turtles, a penguin, an owl, lizards, a ram, a bull, a seahorse in an oval frame and wickedly whimsical charms like the unicorn head and the fairy.  Let’s see.  Have I forgotten any?

Some of the charms are on sale for totally ridiculous prices.  We have a cowboy boot charm, a woman’s head, a hammer, the scales of justice, a hair dryer, an oil rig, gold nuggets, a saxophone, crosses and crucifixes, a pi charm and several charm holders.

So a customer with a cowboy boyfriend, who works at a hair salon and plays the saxophone at her church and is going to court next week, can purchase all of these charms to put on her bracelet.  And it won’t cost her a fortune, because her retailer (you) bought these gold necklace charms on sale and passed on some of the savings to her.  And maybe she’s the #2 sister, so you give her the “special someone” charm for her birthday.  LOL.  And maybe she loves nautical charms and religious charms and heart charms and CZ hearts and her favorite color is blue.  Oh my.

Again, so many choices for your Fashion Jewelry. Call Skip at 954-974-0727 and ask him about the Perma Gold necklace charms and the spinning counter top displays.  He has over 26 years of experience in the jewelry business and has a wealth of information and tips to offer you at no cost.  You should call him just to chat.  You don’t know how much that could benefit your business.  I’m serious now.  Not kidding.

Our Wholesale Gold Charms and Fashion Jewelry are not only high quality, are incredibly beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You will not find any higher quality fashion jewelry, or costume jewelry available anywhere. 

Call us today so that we can get started on your order! We can be reached via the phone number at the top of this page, or via our contact form, or even email. Our team is here to make sure you get the top quality jewelry and are completely satisfied so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, questions, concerns or any other wholesale jewelry, fashion jewelry, or costume jewelry related matters.