Wholesale Silver Chains - PermaSilver by the Inch

Our PermaSilver by the inch is made of stunning, high quality layered sterling silver. We offer PermaSilver by the inch in a wide range of widths, styles and designs.

Wholesale Silver ChainsWholesale Silver ChainsWholesale Silver Chains


Here we have PermaSilver chains in various sizes .  We have box links, station links, dangling butterflies and dangling hearts, open links, double open links, scroll links, Figaro, rolo, braid, crystal links, and pearl link chains.  We have customers who only order from this page.  Really!  Can you believe?  I guess they just love the wholesale silver chains, and thats their niche.  It’s good to have a niche.

The box links are beautiful and very popular.  The PSNG74  is easier to work with – only because you can get a jump ring in there easier.  But, if you want the PSNG72, you just have to stretch it a little with an awl.  No problem.  Again, call us (800-395-7774) and we’ll walk you through it.  The result is stunning.  Everyone loves these chains!  What’s not to love?

The PSFL74 and PSFL75 are classic open link styles.  They’re easy on the budget.  Very popular.  Very versatile.  The PSFL3 is one of my favorites.  The PSFL948 is a larger version.

Although Figaro chains used to be considered a mans necklace (sometimes with a pendant hanging from it), today it is just as popular with women.  (If you want a pendant hanging from it, check out our charm styles in later pages.)  This style originated in Italy.  The name came from the opera, Fiddler on the Roof.  Call right now at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727 to order or if you have any questions.

The most popular is also the smallest and least expensive of the Figaro assortment.  You will have a huge demand for the PSFL90.  Remember to write this one on your list!

While I think you should carry several sizes of Figaro chains as the mainstay of your business, I wouldnt limit my choices to just those chains.  I would broaden my horizons to include some smaller more sophisticated chains as well. 

What a beautiful day it is in South Florida! I just feel so blessed to live here.  It’s so beautiful (flat but beautiful).  Love the tropical vegetation.  Love the weather.  Love the beach.  Love the many cultures that blend here.  Love the selection of foods. Love the birds and the critters.  Love working here at Olympia Gold, my home away from home.  Love our beautiful sterling silver layered chains.  Love my coworkers and our mascot Sam, an adorable Lab/Rottweiler mix. Love watching the ducklings hatch outside my window/door here at 1861 Banks Road, Margate, a city in sunny Florida.  As Skip always says, “Another day in Paradise!”

Anyway, you put that bling on in the South Florida sun and you’d better have on sunglasses.  The PermaSilver finish is shiny anywhere, but in our neck of the woods it’ll almost blind you.  Our PermaSilver finish not only shines, but it protects the layers of sterling wholesale silver chains beneath it for years to come.  Which is why we feel confident enough in our lovely product to guarantee it for life.

Just starting out?  Did you know that we will give you a free display (DP10) if you order ten chain styles to go on it?  Or that we will give you a larger display (DP20) if you order 20 chain styles to go on it?  Well, we will.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick out the styles you want and call us at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727 to order.  Or call us and we’ll help you pick out the styles so that you will have the highest quality chains and the best value. We accept most credit cards, PayPal, money orders, bank wire and we ship C.O.D. if you like.

By the way call us (800-395-7774) or e-mail us (info@olympiagold.com) if you would like for us to send you a copy of our latest catalog.  We can e-mail it to you or mail you a hard copy (or both).  Just let us know your preference.

Last but not least we have PermaSilver crystal chains that will take your breath away.  Slap a fold-over clasp on these babies and youre ready to go.  Magnifique!  Very dressy.  Very glam.  What are you waiting for?  Call us at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727 to order or just to chat.

The most informed person to chat with at Olympia Gold is Skip Wilson.  He has over 30 years of experience in the chain-by-the-inch field.  Call him and pick his brain.  He’ll always come up with a solution for you.  He’ll work with you.  He really cares about his customers.  I admire the way he will not diminish the quality of his chains just because his competitors have.

We want to be your wholesaler for all of your chain-by-the-inch needs.  We recommend that you buy a variety of different chain styles in order to attract more customers.  It’s hard to guess what would appeal to your individual customers, so you need to cover all your bases. We can calculate your findings for you (which styles, how many, etc.) if you don’t know exactly what you want.

We recommend that you also carry some premade styles.  We have displays for those as well.  Some of your customers don’t know what size they want.  If you have premades on hand, they can try on different lengths and get an idea.  If they’re in a hurry, you already have these on hand for a quick gift.  See these choices on later pages.

You probably already know about Olympia Gold’s Famous Perma Gold, but one of our other lesser known but still incredibly valuable products we offer is Perma Silver. These coated sterling silver bracelets are some of the finest and most amazing looking currently available anywhere in the industry. We offer a giant selection of various silver chains, products, and so much more. Don’t delay to contact Olympia Gold if you need more information on any of our various products. We’re here to support you.

Buying quality wholesale silver chains, and fashion necklaces in bulk is both an exciting and intimidating process because you want to make sure you are getting the best possible product for your customers so that they stay happy and satisfied in the long term. You can put any of those fears to rest with Olympia Gold because our sterling silver chains are some of the toughest you can get. All of this is backed up by our lifetime warranty that lets customers know that no matter what issue they run into with their chain or bracelet, Olympia Gold is here to make things right.

You can contact us via the contact form at the top of this page, or via a direct email or phone number with the information that is located on the same page as the form. We love hearing from potential customers, clients and other sources of information so please do not hesitate to give us a call!

We can be contacted by phone (800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727), e-mail (info@olympiagold.com), fax (954-974-7972) or by ordering from our website (www.olympiagold.com).