Wholesale Silver Charms - PermaSilver Findings & Charms

Olympia Gold's PermaSilver findings and wholesale silver charms pair perfectly with our PermaSilver chains by the inch. . We carry a large range of styles, including hearts, seashells, crosses, flags, eagles and more.

Wholesale Silver CharmsWholesale Silver Charms

Check out the styles on this page!  We not only have a selection of PermaSilver findings, but also our ever popular PermaSilver charms.  We have military charms, nautical charms, religious charms, eagles, hearts, butterflies, keys (to your heart) and a large selection of lockets.  While we donít have as large a selection of findings in PermaSilver as we do in PermaGold, we have all the important ones Ė the ones you will want.  We have jump rings in six sizes, one style of crystal connectors, quality tags, spring rings in three sizes, lobster clasps in three sizes, foldover clasps in five sizes and styles,  French earring wires and toggle clasps.

The most popular jump ring is the PS9912. The most popular lobster clasp is the PS9959.  It is one of a kind.  One of a kind that you need to put on your list.  You know, the list of styles to call in with your order.  Like I said on the PermaGold findings page, the foldover clasps are pricier, but they give some chains that pre-made look.  Professional.  Higher end.  And nothing says higher end like a toggle clasp. If you ever need help working with any of our chains, please call us at 800-395-7774.  If youíre not sure which clasps or findings are recommended, you can find our recommendations online at www.olympiagold.com or you can contact us at 954-974-0727.  We aim to please.

You could take the PS9934 French earring wires, add a couple of the smaller wholesale silver charm choices (like the sand dollar or the turtle), and voila you have a pair of custom earrings.  Or you could select a PermaSilver chain for the earrings Ė maybe one of the crystal chains Ė any length you want.  How does that sound?

Yes, we want to make your life easier.  If you have any questions about our chains in particular or the chain-by-the-inch business in general, please call Skip Wilson at 954-974-0727.  Heís our in-house chain guru.  Yes, with over 30 years in the business, heís our expert in wholesale silver charms.  So pick up the phone and call him.  Then pick his brain.  Need the number again? Dial toll free at 800-395-7774.  Or e-mail him at info@olympiagold.com.  Fax him at 954-974-7972.

Ask him about our beautiful displays.  If you are just starting out and need displays, ask Skip about getting a free display.  If you buy 10 rolls of chain, heíll give you a free DP10 (which coincidentally holds 10 rolls of chain).  Ditto if you buy 20 rolls of chain, heíll give you a free DP20.  And if you buy 30 rolls of chain, heíll give you a free DP30.  Yes, I said give.  No charge.  Free.  I donít know how he does it.  Heís dedicated to getting your new business off the ground.  It makes sense.  You see, if you profit, we profit.  If you fail, we fail.  So you could say heís really committed to your success.

Our chains plus Skipís brains = SUCCESS!  Yeah, you think Iím kidding, but guess what?  Iím not.  Our PermaGold chains are the highest quality gold plated chains on the market.  And Skipís brains?  Okay, letís just agree that he knows his stuff when it comes to chain by the inch.

We also have premades in these styles in a variety of sizes.  Be sure to check out our premades.  I mean, we can make up custom sizes for you, but you can also order soldered versions right off the shelves.  Talk about easy.  Call us at 954-974-0727 to find out all about it.

Then you can put a pendant on one of the premades and sell it together.  Put a cross or a Star of David on one of the Figaro chains.  Or an eagle or an anchor.  We have all sorts of ideas in our heads of different combinations.  Call us.

Donít forget.  If you are ever in our area, please stop by.  We would love to meet you and put a face to the voice.  Weíre located at 1861 Banks Road, Margate, FL, 33063.  Next to the lake.  Just call first, so we can put a pot of coffee on before you get here.

Also, donít forget Ė if the chain ever, ever loses its PermaSilver finish Ė we will replace it free of charge.  Your customer just needs to mail it to us with a copy of their receipt.  No problem.  Voila!  New replacement.  That is why we keep our customers.  Our Lifetime Guarantee.

We have customers who consistently order these chains or have us make them up for them.  Did I mention we can do that for you?  Let us take the work out of it for you by ordering them in the sizes you want.  For a nominal fee you can take it easy and not have any waste.  Give us a day or so to fill a big order, but we have pretty fast turnaround.  You can fax in your wholesale silver charms order at 954-974-7972.

I love the nautical charms on this page Ė the sand dollars (two styles), star fishes (two styles), dolphin, seahorse, shell, whale tail, turtle, sailboat, and anchor.

If you see a charm you want in the PermaGold section that we donít carry in PermaSilver, call us at 800-395-7774.  We can special order it for you.  Youíll have to agree to buy a certain number of charms/pendants, but at least youíll get what you want.

I feel like Iím repeating myself, but all of these wholesale silver charms can be displayed with one of our beautiful countertop displays just like the displays we have for the chains.  If you purchase 90 PermaSilver charms at $2.00 each, you will get the DP180 for free.  Ditto if you purchase 180 PermaGold and PermaSilver charms at $2.00 each, you will get the DP360 for free. And all chain displays include a finding tray, tool set, tape measure, guarantees, and point-of-sale signs (and free advice from the peanut gallery anytime you need it).

No matter what reason you have for wanting one of our gorgeous and fantastic looking displays, we can offer you something that most others cannot and that is our phenomenal lifetime guarantee. This means you or your customers never have to worry about the incredibly low chance that one of our chains breaks or loses its shine. Weíre proud of the quality product we have crafted, and are guarantee shows just how certain we are that we have a quality product that is built to last.

Much like are Perma Gold findings, these findings are some of the best available on the wholesale jewelry market. If youíre looking for a quality product at a low cost that is still genuine in both build, and durability than youíve come to the right place because these findings fit that definition perfectly. At the top of this page we have a picture that shows all of the available styles and selection we offer.

If any of these products interest you, and you have any more questions that you would like answered then I urge you to contact us via our contact form or directly through a phonecall or email. We are happy to respond to any questions comments or other concerns you may have. We love hearing your feedback so donít hesitate to pick up that phone and give our friendly, helpful team a call today so we  can get you outfitted with our beautiful fashion jewelry.