PermaSilver Necklaces & Bracelets

While some people may favor gold, others prefer to wear silver. Our PermaSilver necklaces and bracelets are beautifully crafted using the finest layered sterling silver and will be sure to last a lifetime.

On this page we have our PermaSilver premades. We start off with the Figaro chains, which are timeless, versatile and always a popular choice. We carry them in three widths and 10 lengths on this page. The PSFL942 is 5mm and comes in 7, 8, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inch lengths. The PSFL943 is 6.5mm and comes in 7 and 18 inch lengths. The PSFL945 is 10mm and comes in 8 and 24 inch lengths. Again, always a popular choice!

The 24Ē can be wrapped around your wrist several times to make arm candy. You can do the same thing with the 30Ē chain or also double it around your neck. Your customers will want to adorn themselves with these beautiful sterling silver necklaces  Ė made even more affordable by being plated or layered onto jewelerís metal.

If you want to expand your chain-by-the-inch business, add some PermaSilver chains to the mix. While gold chains are preferred by the majority of your customers, a lot of people will only wear silver. You will lose those people if you donít have something to offer them.

The PSFL9411 is a 5.5mm beveled maritime chain and comes in 8-1/2 inch only. We do have the chain by the inch and can make any size you want. They just wonít be soldered. If you have any questions or you just want to chat, please call us at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727. We can also be reached by fax at 954-974-7972 or e-mail

Did I mention our Lifetime Guarantee? Thatís how we get new customers to trust us. And theyíll trust us even more when we honor the guarantee, which we will!

Or you might have customers who would prefer an open link chain. Good choice. The PermaSilver PSFL81 is 9mm and comes in 8, 20 and 24 inch lengths.

If you are having a hard time choosing what styles to carry, call Skip (our chain guru) at 800-395-7774. Heís just full of ideas and helpful suggestions, and he loves helping people like you. And with over 26 years in the chain by the inch business, he is more than qualified to do so.

We put these lovely chains on hangtags, so you can put them on a display. (Check out our super nifty DP60 spinner display kit. It carries 24, 20, 18, 8 and 7 inch chains with PermaGold on one side and PermaSilver on the other.) The hangtags have our guarantee on the back.

Our beautiful herringbones come in one width in PermaSilver. The PSHB17SF is 6mm and comes in 7, 8, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inch. Of course, those are the sizes they come in if you want them premade or soldered. We also carry all of these styles in chain by the inch (with the exception of the promotional, snake and herringbone chains and the leather cords). So we could make them in any size you wish. Oh, I think I said that already.

If you think theyíre stunning in PermaGold, check them out in PermaSilver at Thatís what Iím talkiní about.

The PSNG56 is our 1.5mm PermaGold twisted nugget. It comes in 20 inch. The PSNG57 is our 2mm twisted nugget. It comes in 7, 18 and 20 inch lengths. These are so feminine and classy. Sign me up!

If I could choose only one style, it would be our versatile PermaSilver snake chain (PSPSN37). It is 2mm wide and comes in 18 and 20 inch lengths. These are also good choices to grace a charm, pendant or locket. Picture the sand dollar charm or butterfly hanging from this necklace.

Next we have our PermaSilver rope chains. The PSRP31 is 2.5mm wide and comes in 18 and 20 inch lengths. The PSRP32 measures 3.5mm and comes in 7, 8, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inch lengths. I cannot begin to tell you how popular the rope chains are with our customers. I would recommend carrying every size of this style.

We also carry 2mm promotional chains (PSPIR160) in 16, 18, 20 and 24 inch lengths. These are very popular and extremely cheap. Just remember these are promotional items and therefore not covered by our lifetime guarantee. But they make a nice giveaway item when someone makes a purchase, right?

Last but not least we have our 2mm black leather cords (BLCO1) in 18, 20 and 24 inch lengths. Not sure how they ended up with the PermaSilver, but Iím guessing itís due to the color of the clasp. These are so attractive yet inexpensive. I would add a PermaSilver charm like maybe a PSCC111 (the love, hope, faith pendant). Yes!

Just a reminder that we will put these chains on hangtags for you. Then you can hang them on one of our displays as I suggested above. Call Skip at 800-305-7774 to find out all the details.

Be sure to tell your customers that these are costume jewelry. Our sterling silver necklaces use real sterling silver on the outside layers (.925), but you canít treat it like solid sterling silver. Itís layered. Tell them not to shower, sleep or swim while wearing these chains. They will keep indefinitely in a jewelry box or bag. And, remember, if your customer is not satisfied (for any reason), we will repair or replace them when they return them to us. See the Olympia Gold Lifetime Replacement Guarantee for details.

Our Permasilver necklaces are some of the finest, and most beautiful available in the industry. These sterling silver bracelets look so good, you might almost forget they are fashion jewelry. These bracelets look amazing with any decor, style, or fashion. Youíll be wondering why you didn't order sooner, as you watch them fly off the shelves and displays as your customers try them on, and absolutely love the look they have.

The market for silver bracelets is vastly untouched, and you can be one of the first to capitalize on it with our beautiful permasilver bracelets. While many customers may immediately go for a more popular product like Permagold bangles, our silver bracelets have a more subtle design that compliments many of the new fashion and design trends. These bracelets go great with any design choice, and because of the high quality sterling silver used, they are built to last for a significantly longer time than the competition.

If youíre interested in displaying these bracelets up close and prominent, our jewelry display case may be of interest to you. With our jewelry display cases, you can display our bracelets, bangles, and our other fashion and costume jewelry in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, neat, organized, and most importantly eye catching so that your customers take notice of the products we offer and examine them. These are available in their own category on our store, and to learn more information use the dropdown menu product listing and select the display cases page.