The Exciting World of Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Fashion jewelry boasts a plethora of options, able to cover the taste and preferences of even the most discerning customer. It is important to find the right accessories that will add a personal touch to your style. Feel free to experiment with different metals, designs, and colors, so as to make the most of your outfit every single time.

Jewelry is an essential part of your outfits and the overall look and feel. There are a lot of online fashion jewelry available sold by costume jewelry wholesalers in the wholesale fashion jewelry market. This article will tell you how best to wear a piece of jewelry and the much-needed tips and tricks to pull off a stunning look.

Fashion Jewelry Trends for Fall 2016

With all the hype over the New York Fashion Week with the runway all a glitter with the huge bobbles and choker chains and bedazzled fingers of the fashion models, the outlook for jewelry seems to be the larger, the better. If you desire to have the current trends in jewelry for the fall, but canít afford the price tags, then visiting a local costume jewelry wholesaler, or visit one of the online fashion jewelry websites, you may be able to get what you desire within your budget.

5 Must-Have Jewelry Trends for Summer 2015 

With summer just around the corner, you're probably ready for the warm, sunny weather and fun activities the season brings. Though you're ready for summer, is your jewelry or retail store ready?

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3 Trendy Bracelets to Sell in Your Jewelry Store

With spring looming around the corner, it's time to make sure your jewelry store is stocked with the hottest trends of the season. Soon women everywhere will be shedding their sensible winter clothing and looking for the trendy spring styles we all love.

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The Beginnings of Costume Jewelry

Is there anything more fun than being able to slip on a few pieces of eye-catching jewelry and heading out for a night on the town? There's just something about statement-making pieces that makes you feel more glamorous and fashionable, and big name retailers have taken notice.

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Costume Jewelry Trends of the 1950's

The origins of costume jewelry dates back to the 1920s when jewelry designers and manufacturers began using fake stones that imitated precious gemstones.

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Wholesale Costume Jewelry in the 1940's

Jewelry in its most basic form dates back to the beginning of mankind. Early on, jewelry was made of animal teeth and bone as well as carved stone and wood, far off from the wholesale silver jewelry and gold bracelets of today. It was initially used as a means of convenience, such as to fasten loose clothing. As time went on, jewelry became an ornament for religious ceremonies.

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The History of Costume Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Baubles and beads and bangles - Oh, my! Olympia Gold has put together a very cool infographic about the history of costume jewelry. Check it out here.

Top Jewelry Trends for the Holiday Season

With Halloween well behind us, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving then Hanukah, Christmas, and New Yearís. Throughout the holiday season, people will be attending holiday parties and shopping for the perfect gifts for their friends and family. Soon women everywhere will be swarming jewelry and retail stores in search of the latest jewelry styles.

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4 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs

Jewelry is a great way for women to accessorize an outfit and show off their signature style. Incorporating bracelets, necklaces, or earrings into their outfits will keep them looking fresh and stylish. Whether women are dressing for work or a formal wedding, jewelry puts the finishing touches on any look. Many women even feel naked if they leave the house without putting on their favorite ring or earrings. Just as there are classic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe, there are essential jewelry pieces all women should have as well.

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3 Fall 2014 Fashion Jewelry Trends That Sell

In an industry that changes by the season, it is important for retailers to keep up with jewelry trends and styles on the street, on the runway, and on celebrities that inspire your customers. While some of the more high-fashion pieces may not be in your budget, there are ways to market the same on-trend looks for less by taking advantage of both wholesale gold jewelry prices and getting a little creative. These three fashion jewelry trends are poised to become all the rage this fall, and as a little extra we have thrown in some ideas on how you can get the looks for less.
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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

If youíre looking to stock your store with the best quality wholesale fashion jewelry in an affordable range, youíve come to the perfect place. We at Olympia Gold strive to provide you with the best and most current fashion jewelry. Most of our products are beautiful and timeless so they will always be in style, and with our unique manufacturing process, we can ensure that any of our pieces will last you a long time.

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Why Costume Jewelry is Popular

If youíre looking to stock up on some jewelry for your retail location, you should consider buying wholesale silver jewelry from costume jewelry manufacturers. This allows for more customers because everyone canít afford to drop large amounts on accessories. The popularity of costume accessories is on the rise because more and more people are discovering that the right manufacturer can provide them with gorgeous chains and pendants that will be just as beautiful as the real thing, while being more cost-efficient. Hereís why more and more people are opening up to the idea of fashion jewelry instead of splurging on real gold and silver:

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