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Our PermaCrystal by the inch features high quality gold layered chains embellished with stunning crystals. This is beautiful fashion jewelry to sell in your store in order to make perfect bracelets, necklaces and anklets, etc.

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The chains on this page are crystals by the inch styles. They are some of the cornerstones of our online fashion jewelry. We have carried these simple, elegant styles for years as they never lose their popularity or charm. The classic lines are timeless. From the smallest to the largest these beautiful chains enhance the appearance of the wearer, bringing out their personality and personal style. From the understated to the bold, none are gaudy or ostentatious. Each would be appropriate to wear to a job interview or to hang out with friends. Each would go with a basic black dress. A talisman they speak of self confidence and control, of comfort, of a wish to raise standards, but mostly to just be free to be oneís self, to be comfortable in your own skin. And the beauty of it is that no one will guess that your buyer is wearing costume jewelry. With our lifetime guaranty theyíll never have to find out. The richness of gold without the price tag. What a clever idea! Economy and style. God forbid a customer steals a piece from you, at least you know you can replace it at a reasonable price. If it stops being shiny, you know weíll replace it free of charge (for you or for them). Itís a win-win situation. Call us for details today at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727.

Does your customer need a last-minute gift? These styles are so versatile yet refined you can give them as gifts for almost anyone. Young or old or in between. You canít go wrong. The recipient will love the thought. You will love the modest price. Did I mention the lifetime guarantee? Iím just saying.

Is a fancy dinner party in your customerís future? If they donít know what to wear or how to accessorize, sell them one of our tasteful chains. You know the one they want. Go ahead and sell them on the idea with our online fashion jewelry. It will embrace them and give them that oomph they needed. And it will increase your sales. You know itís a great deal. What are you waiting for? Not only will these styles be a great addition to your store. You can stock them, knowing that they wonít go out of fashion tomorrow. Another win-win.

Also, did you know that you donít have to carry these styles just in chain by the inch? We can make them up for you. Just let us know what sizes and styles you prefer, and we will happily do the work for you. We have displays for premade necklaces and bracelets. Check them out under the displays caption. Give it a try and see if these tried and true styles donít boost your sales. Call us today to speak with a salesperson about this option or any other at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727.

Did i mention our quality? Many of our long standing customers have had our products tested and compared them to our competitorsí products. Our chains are among the best if not the best in the market. Some may beat our price, but none beat our quality when you compare oranges to oranges. Our prices are competitive Ė our product is the best. Call (800-395-7774) or e-mail ( today.

Online Fashion Jewelry Perma Crystal By The Inch Bling Jewelry and pearl chains are just as fashionable in the winter as they are in the spring. When you change your displays around, consider adding some to next seasonís lineup. Sometimes when you change things up, sales increase. Ever notice that?

Who doesnít like these styles? No one. Whatís not to like? Theyíre stunning. Your customers will agree. Youíll see. Just wait. No kidding. Count on it. Check them out on this page. Tell me if you donít agree. Iím serious. Our online fashion jewelry is just that good.

Your stock is running low. Do you have room for these 13 styles? Maybe six of them? Match them up with a lobster clasp and see how great they turn out. Think about it. Right now we have great deals on our displays. If you buy enough rolls of chain, you actually get a display free! Can you believe it? I donít know how the boss can make a profit. What a deal. Anyway, I think you could do a lovely display with just these chains. You could get a free DP10 with ten rolls. Or you could pick ten more styles to go with these and get a free DP20. Make the mainstay of our business the mainstay of yours with our online fashion jewelry.

Another thing to think about is who are dealing with now. The owners of Olympia Gold are Skip and Gina Wilson, great people. Olympia Gold opened in 1989, but they had experience with chain by the inch jewelry previous to starting their own brand. Youíre never going to meet wholesalers who are more honest and genuine. Such integrity. Theyíre good to their customers. Theyíre good to their staff. And theyíre good to each other. Weíre like a family here. When you think about it, we spend more time together than we do with our families.

But back to these standout styles, the crystal and the pearl link. The staples of the business. The chameleons that fit everyone and every age. Take a good look at them. Think about what your customers are looking for. Is there a fit? We wouldnít want you to stock up on something thatís not right for you or your storeís ambiance. Not that I can imagine these not fitting. I guess itís possible.

Like the sands on a beach or a cashmere sweater, these time-honored, sophisticated styles will stand the test of time. We also offer Fashion Bangles and they are just as beautiful as our crystal products.

Olympia Gold is also proud to offer beautiful, Perma Crystal chains that look stunning an any atmosphere, lighting or condition. These durably built gem laden chains are some of the most exciting and gorgeous products we offer. These chains make fantastic gifts and fashion accessories that your customers will be sure to love and cherish for their lifetime. We offer a huge selection that will fit a wide variety of personal tastes, and preferences. Do your customers, and your profits a favor and order from Olympia Gold today!

With some of the highest quality online fashion jewelry currently available in the business. We are proud with just how durable, and magnificent our crystal chains are. We know how important the selection of jewelry you offer to your customers is. It doesnít just represent us, it represents you as well. Thatís why we feature a lifetime guarantee with our jewelry. Customer has an issue with one of our products? We will repair or replace it for them so they can get right back to their life knowing they have a quality product that is backed with incredible support.

When you hear the words ďCrystal by the InchĒ, many people think of large gemstone like crystals. We feature beautiful crystals just like these in our bracelets, necklaces, and variety of other crystal products you can make when you purchase from Olympia Gold. Please donít hesitate to give us a call or email today so we can get your business outfitted with our products, and you can start making money!