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Our Online Wholesale Jewelry Perma Gold Findings are the perfect end piece to our PermaGold chains by the inch. We carry a large range of findings so you will never lose your favorite necklace, bracelet, earrings or anklet.

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What a variety of findings on this page! (All styles shown are in PermaGold.) We have jump rings, spring rings and crystal connectors in various sizes, quality tags, magnetic clasps, lobster clasps in various sizes and styles, foldover clasps, crimping foldover clasps, eyeglass holders, keychain clips, key holders, key chains, split rings, wine glass charm holders, plunger clasps, swivel holders, bar clips, toggle clasps, earring clips and French earring wires. So many choices. So little time. Which ones fit your storeís selection of chain? We at Olympia Gold want to help you in any way we can. Please call us with any questions (or just to chat about our favorite subject!) at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727.

The most popular lobster clasp is the 9959. It is one of a kind. One of a kind that you need to put on your list. You know, the list of styles to call in with your order. Did I mention that we live to serve you? Iím serious. Itís our calling. We want to sell you an excellent product with excellent service. We know how to treat you the way you deserve to be treated Ė with respect.

We have your everyday, non-descript spring rings (9915 and 9916), and we have your very, very noticeable 9983ís and 9984ís spring rings. We have your everyday jump rings. Check them out.

The foldover clasps are pricier, but they give some chains that pre-made look. Professional. Higher end. And, of course, nothing says higher end than a toggle clasp.

Our magnetic clasps are a must for your handicapped customers or those who are less than dexterous or donít have a significant other to assist them with their jewelry. It just makes life a lot easier for them. You wonít have a huge need for them, but theyíre nice to have on hand. Youíll be glad to have them when the need arises.

And donít forget your crystal connectors. Understated. They enhance the crystal chains on page 2 and make making them childís play. They stay behind the scenes and let the bling show through.

Some styles you would only use with specific chain styles. For instance, the 9955 foldover clasp you would only use with the FL106 brick chain. You can check out our website at to see which findings are recommended for which chains. Or you can call us for assistance at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727.

Did you make up a bracelet or anklet for a customer and it was a little short? Add a 9917 quality tag and youíre good to go. No harm; no foul. Ditto if they come in a week later and want to ďadd a link.Ē

Does your customer want matching earrings? Just attach some chain to a 9934 French earring wire and voila! Try the crystal connector with one of the crystal chains to make matching earrings of any length.

Cheer up your customers with our varied selection of timeless styles and new selections. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sound familiar? Try doing something different. Step out in faith and give us a try. What have you got to lose? When you do, youíll wonder why you didnít do it sooner. Youíll find a new season in profit with our beautiful fashion jewelry. Join the Olympia Gold family. Youíll be glad you did. Promise.

Call Skip Wilson, our resident expert, at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727 to ask for his suggestions. Weíve been in business since 1989, but Skipís experience in the chain-by-the-inch field goes back 30 years. If I were you, Iíd call him and pick his brain. He has some great ideas, and their free (priceless but free)!

The recession is coming to a close. People are starting to loosen their purse strings. Letís make some profitable decisions together. Yes, this business is competitive, but thatís because thereís so much to be made in fashion jewelry. Let us help you. Remember: You have not because you ask not.

As I said before the findings on this page are all coated with our PermaGold bond which keeps them looking shiny and new. They also have a lifetime guarantee. If the PermaGold wears off, weíll replace it free of charge. If the chain breaks, weíll repair or replace it free of charge. Weíre very proud of our lifetime guarantee and we stand by it. Call us at 800-395-7774 or 954-974-0727 for more information or send us an e-mail at with any questions you might have. We aim to please.

If youíre not interested in carrying chain by the inch, we can make any style chain for you in any size. We do custom work. Also, if you donít see the style you want, we can special order just about anything for you. If you want rose gold, call us. If you want rhodium, call us. We also have a small selection of gold filled styles in stock.

If youíre located nearby or if youíre down here on vacation, please call us at 954-974-0727 and make an appointment to come into our offices in Margate, FL. Weíd like to meet you and put a face to the voice.

If your store is far away, we want you to know we export to Australia, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, El Salvador, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, The Channel Islands, and The United Kingdom. And we can export to you. Call us today at 800-395-7774. You can also connect with us via e-mail at or Facebook.

 Olympia Gold also offers Online Wholesale Jewelry, and Perma-Gold Findings. These products that we offer are not only incredible in appearance, but they are built with the strongest of materials so your customers can rest easy knowing that they are buying something that is built to last. Our Perma Silver and Perma Gold are famous for being some of the most beautiful and yet extremely durable fashion jewelry that you can purchase. Reward yourself and your customers by ordering these high quality findings.

As you can see in the image at the top of this page, we offer a giant selection of available findings that will fit any bracelet, or other piece of jewelry that we here at Olympia Gold have to offer. Contact us today and see what kind of deal we can work out so that we can get your and your customers the fine quality jewelry you expect from us that will be sure to dazzle them, and anyone they choose to show it to.

One common use of findings is fashioning objects together. Our durable quality findings are absolutely perfect for this use so donít be afraid to order a large quantity today, because they are sure to sell out as your customers absolutely clamor over the beautiful and fashionable products we offer. One thing we can offer to all of our customers is the lifetime guarantee on these findings. This means you have peace of mind you are getting the best quality on the market.